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Providing Software to Efficiently Manage Employee Referral Programs

Utilize Referral-Trak* Software to improve employee referral program performance, simplify administration and lower your cost-per-hire

What we do: Our advanced software improves HR’s ability to increase ERP awareness and participation across the entire organization. Putting the details of a referral program on-line including rewards, rules, FAQ and referral form, saves HR administration time and money. We automate the communication to hiring authorities, employees, candidates and the payroll department. All Referrals are stored in your private database and ROI data is available in real-time. Referral-Trak* is accessible 24/7, can be linked from your corporate Intranet, and is very easy for employees and HR staff to use. These features make Referral-Trak* Software a product that should be part of every organization’s recruiting tools.

Why an ERP: ERM’s Referral-Trak* software solution can significantly lower the cost-per-hire compared to traditional corporate recruiting sources such as contingent “headhunters”, newspaper advertising, Internet job-boards, college recruiting and career fairs. If you have an existing Employee Referral Program, our expertise and powerful technology enables you to expand and manage the program while energizing your employees for optimal results. If you do not currently have an ERP, we can assist in implementing a complete web based program in as few as five business days. In effect, utilizing Referral-Trak* communicates to your employees the importance of recruiting the best talent available to fuel growth and profitability!

Referral Programs

Consider this example: Hire 1 new employee for $25,000 through a contingent recruiting agency, or hire 25 new employees through an effective ERP and reward 25 of your existing employees!

“ERM’s software helps bring qualified, passive job candidates in the front door. Referral-Trac* is your most cost-effective recruiting and retention tool”

Tom Hamilton, President – ERM

ERM’s proprietary software, Referral-Trac*, is the #1 rated e-Solution for managing company-wide employee referral programs that:

  • Can inform Employees of open positions and associated awards
  • Effectively manages and tracks all referrals through sophisticated e-commerce and database management
  • Saves valuable time for the HR Staff while pre-selling the candidate on the benefits of the working at your company
  • Links from your Corporate Intranet
  • Is easy to use
  • Has the look and feel of your corporate web site. Utilizes an ASP model which simplifies the introduction into your organization.

Referral-Trak* can ultimately reduce your company’s recruiting dollars spent externally (costs), while improving recruiting/retention dollars spent internally (investments in your employees). These investments go toward building and reinforcing employee loyalty, company brand and culture.

For more information or a demonstration on how Referral-Trak* software can help you meet your hiring and retention objectives, contact us today.

*Referral-Trac is a registered trademark of Employment Referral Marketing